Our products are built keeping in mind the needs of school districts. We have modular building blocks of our solution with a clear migration path across the products to grow with the school district as their needs change over time. This modular approach allows school districts to invest in the appropriate pieces at any particular time and get the most benefit from their existing infrastructure.

Transform Data to Information

A role based information management system that integrates data and transforms it into information, accessible to all levels of users – student, parent, teacher and administrators.

Targeted Views of Information

The information is organized into different libraries targeted for different user groups:

  • Administrator’s Library
  • Principal’s Library
  • Teacher’s Library
  • Parent’s Library
  • Public Library

Integrated View of Data

Ties together education information that resides in data silos. This provides a holistic view of data and empowers all stakeholders to meet education challenges.

Single Version of Truth

A robust centralized data architecture enable consistent information delivery in an environment where we’ve seen an overwhelming proliferation of unconnected data streams. A high data confidence equates to better data driven decision making.

How we do it?

DataBlocs K-12 Analytics®: An end-to-end Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution that enables K-12 school districts to have a comprehensive solution that can be used to perform a wide range of analysis and reporting across all subject areas. It includes DataBlocs K-12 Data Model® and DataBlocs K-12 Business Intelligence® to provide un-paralleled information discovery and dissemination. More…

DataBlocs K-12 Data Model®: A robust and mature data model developed to accommodate major subject areas within K-12 such as attendance, assessment, infrastructure and climate. It includes an extensive library of industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs). It includes a data integration service which allows rapid integration and seamless connection between our data model and existing multiple data sources. More…

DataBlocs K-12 Business Intelligence®: A state-of-the-art Business Intelligence application with comprehensive analysis & reporting capabilities. It allows for sophisticated ad-hoc analysis capabilities and comes with a library of more than 75 pre-built reports and dashboards. It enables pixel perfect scorecards generation as well as guided query generation. It can be deployed to work with DataBlocs K-12 Data Model® or any other existing data sources. More…

DataBlocs Abacus®: A highly flexible and customizable dashboard application which provides integrated information across subject areas. DataBlocs Abacus® includes more than 45 pre-built KPIs and can be used for rapid deployments and can be tailored extensively to meet existing standards. It can be developed to work with DataBlocs K-12 Data Model® or any other existing data sources. More…