Products – DataBlocs K-12 Business Intelligence

This is a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence (BI) application with comprehensive analysis & reporting capabilities. This is built using MicroStrategy – one of the most robust BI engines in the market today and it allows sophisticated ad-hoc analysis capabilities. It can be deployed to work with DataBlocs K-12 Data Model or any other existing data sources.

Supports all the 5 Styles of K12 Reporting

  • Enterprise Reporting – Report writers were used to generate highly formatted static reports destined for broad distribution to many people.
  • Cube Analysis – Cube-based BI tools were used to provide simple slice-and-dice analytical capabilities to business managers.
  • Ad Hoc Query and Analysis – Relational OLAP tools were used to allow power users to query the database for any answer, slice-and-dice the entire database and surf down to the lowest level of transactional information.
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining – Statistical and data mining tools were used to perform predictive modeling or to discover the cause-and-effect correlation between two metrics.
  • Report Delivery and Alerting – Report Distribution engines were used to send full reports or alerts to large user populations based on subscriptions, schedules or threshold events in the databases.

Why is such a robust BI layer required?

These Presentation Layer functional components are designed specifically to provide a seamless cycle of three distinct business capabilities, listed below, that enable stakeholders to sustain a continuous improvement program:

  • Monitor—Tracks business metrics to inform and alert users to ongoing business activity and the decisions that may be required based on this activity.
  • Report—Delivers detailed data on current and historical operational performance, so users can view business performance across the enterprise.
  • Analyze—Presents views of the business from many different angles, so that decision makers can uncover the cause of performance problems, reveal potential opportunities, or predict business results.