Services – DataBlocs Migration Services

Our modular products make it easy to invest in the parts of the solution that you currently need and at the same time, allow you to grow over time as your requirements evolve. This is possible because our products support easy migration from one deployment to another.

On the reporting side, DataBlocs Abacus® can be customized to work with existing data stores (including existing Data Warehouses) as well as with DataBlocs K-12 Standard Data Model®. Similarly, DataBlocs K-12 BI® can be customized to work effectively with existing data stores or with our K-12 Standard Data Model®. There is a clear migration path defined from existing reporting tools to either Abacus® or K-12 BI® and also from Abacus® to K-12 BI®.

Similarly on the data side, our solution includes a comprehensive migration support from existing data stores to our Standard K-12 Data Model®